Cloud Backup for Unlimited PC’s & Servers

100GB Storage for only $9/month

HIPAA Compliant   /    Private   /   Secure

HIPPA Compliant   /    Private   /   Secure

Recovery Options

Bare Metal Restore: Recover a computer that won’t boot. Restore an an entire image to a new computer or hard drive.

File Level Restore: Recover individual files that may have either been corrupted, intentionally deleted, or poorly editted.

Volume Level Restore: Recover or clone an entire hard drive.

Schedule Options

Continuous Backup: Makes a new restore point immediately after finishing the last. Lose almost nothing after failure.

Daily Backup: Makes a new restore point every day, good balance between safegaurding work and conserving vault size.

Weekly Backups: For computers that are seldomly changed.

Compliance and Privacy

HIPAA Compliant: Data in flight and at rest is designed to meet the standard for HIPAA compliance.

Data Encryption: Secure the privacy of data with a secret key only known to to the vault owner.

Secure Transfer: End to end AES 256-bit encryption.

Physical PC's restored to the cloud in less than 1 hour

When a mission critical PC or Server is physically damaged it can take days to find a suitable replacement. Our "Cloud Restore" feature clones the most recent backup to virtual machine in a private cloud, accessible through remote access software. Times vary.
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The right partner for cloud backup.

Advantek provides more compliance, features, and support options at a much lower price.

  HIPAA Compliant - Secure AES-256 bit encryption in flight and at rest.

  Bare Metal, File Level, Volume level restore options.

  Adjustable backup configurations to manage vault size and minimize data loss.

  Relentless support desk works with you until you're fully satisfied.

Agressively Priced

We are the lowest cost HIPAA compliant backup service that offers 256-bit AES encryption and next generation privacy.

Unlimited Access license

$9/month provides access to backup an unlimited amount of Windows PC’s and servers to the cloud.

Additional Storage Costs

The access license includes 100GB of vault storage. Each additional 100GB is only an additional $9/mo, compared to $99/mo at Carbonite.


Relentless Help Desk Support

Ditch the manuals, our help desk knows there’s no time to read them. Step by step walkthroughs for any difficulty you might face from initial configuration to mission critical restore operations. Let us take the wheel with screen sharing assistance.

Setup  We will support the installation of our software on all of your PC’s, either by telephone or screen sharing.

Recovery  We will work tirelessly until all systems are restored and provide interim solutions when necessary.

PC by Mail When your PC bites the dust, we can ship you a new one fully restored. Hardware not included.

Cloud backups rescue businesses from catastrophe

Statistics show that 25% of business suffering catastrophic data loss will shut their doors forever. It sounds dramatic but consider losing an entire year’s worth of accounting, a lifetime of client contacts, or all the documentation associated with ongoing projects. It’s a loss that could be very hard to sustain. It’s possible to get through it, but most of the time creating it again from scratch would takes weeks if not months and years.


Onsite backups are great, and offer a blazing fast recovery time, but they do not offer any geographical redundancy. If something would happen to your office in its entirety then both the active data and the backups would be lost together. This is not uncommon when you consider something as simple as basic electrical surge could be the culprit. Insurance might pay for the physical loss, but it could be a moot point if you can’t recover the data.

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